Paper Dolls

I remember as a young girl I played with paper dolls. I remember looking through the paper doll magazine and admiring the pretty paper clothes and the dolls in the back cover. I remember gingerly punching out the clothes along their perforated edges so as not to rip them. I remember folding the tabs on the paper clothes onto the doll’s body. I loved playing with paper dolls.

In my early twenties, after I became a mother, I remember looking for paper doll magazines. I wanted to share them with my oldest daughter. It was such a fun past-time in my youth that I wanted to share the experience with her. I wanted to teach her how to punch out the clothes, the dolls and dress them. I wanted to watch her use her imagination as she played with them.

I never found any. I guess they stopped making those magazines. Oh but how I longed to share with my little girl the joy of playing with paper dolls.

4 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

  1. Hello Dee Min. Yes to be young again!! The worries we had as kids and teens are nothing compared to adult worries. Back in the days of paper dolls, I was closer to my imagination. I miss that. Thanks for the like and comment!!

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  2. I played with paper dolls too and totally forgot about them till reading your post. I’m nostalgic for the ol’ days when things were simpler. Only back then we didn’t know how good we had it!! But now is good too, just in a different high-tech way 😊

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