Seen A Shooting Star Tonight: A Gotham Writers Prompt

That night I seen a shooting star and I did what one must do. I made a wish.

It was a clear night. The sky was the deepest and darkest blue. The stars were everywhere. They were big, and close. They resembled diamonds.

I had just arrived at the farmhouse, where my writing buddies and I were staying for a writing/reading retreat. It felt good to be away from city noise, but at the same time it was a bit eerie. Being a city girl where noise is constant, the quiet was thick and palpable. There was a sense of peace. No sirens wailing. No traffic or horns honking. No people talking.

The farmhouse was n the background with soft light glowing from the floor to ceiling windows. As the night deepened, it seemed to wrap the house in a cozy blanket. One thing I have learned about rural areas is how deep the night is, with no streetlights or background noise, only the songs of insects and tree frogs.

I remember the crackle of the fire and how soothing it was. When I returned home from the retreat, my significant other and I went to Target and purchased Woodwick candles. When the house if quiet and the music is low, the flames crackle like that fire in the fireplace at the farmhouse.

As I lay in his arms, naked, listening to his breath, I am returned to that farmhouse. I remember the dazzling stars in the sky, so vivid they looked as if they could be plucked from the sky and placed in a pocket. I am returned to the deep quiet of the night and the shooting star. I remember my wish and as I lay in my lover’s arms I know it has come true.