Scaling Back: A Gotham Writers’ Prompt

Photo by Mariia Zakatiura on Unsplash

I need to scale back on book buying. I have a library, over 1500 books I’m almost sure. Eleven bookcases total. Their shelves over-flowing. I’ve always been a reader, always loved buying books. I am a book hoarder. If someone asks to borrow a book, I get anxiety. I don’t like that. I prefer if a person does not ask to borrow. I prefer people to come and admire. People who want to come by to sit and discuss all things books.

I believe my hoarding began when Borders went out of business. It was my favorite bookstore. Then I heard or read somewhere bound books would become obsolete because of the Kindle and Nook devices. I believe that sent my butt into overdrive and now…now I need to scale back. I just don’t have the space. If I don’t scale back on book buying I will need a mansion with its own library. Floor to ceiling bookcases, like those in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. They say in order to write, a writer must read and read a lot. I read but not as much as I would like. My goal is to read every book I own. Every last one.

I read about the book collections of famous people, just to compare the number of books in their collection with mine. I learned Frederick Douglas owned over 4000 books. I wonder should that be my cutoff number? I forget which famous person had a collection of 9000 books. 9000! Now that’s a goal! But no! I have to tell myself NO!

I need to scale back.